• For every Rs. spend equivalent FEES Coins will be added

  • Use coins to redeem Free Packages

  • Check package details to find out the frequency of redemption, benefits, and more

  • Validity of Coins will be 12 months

  • Get expert help to plan your coin spending  

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Frequently asked questions

Feesback is an online admission and fee payment platform where parents can receive 100% benefits equal to the fees they've paid. It is the first and only payment platform in India which is revolutionizing the way parents manage their children's education payments.

Parents can make use of a wide range of features that Feesback has to offer, like admission history, fees payment history, and other management tools that helps parents to keep track of their child's education. Apart from this, the biggest benefit that Feesback has for parents is that they can redeem their child’s entire school fees in the form of packages, that are designed for an Indian family. In order to make use of these packages, feescoins equivalent to the amount of their child’s annual fees or fees according to the instalments paid will be reflected into their Feesback account, which can be accessed on www.feesback.org. For example, if your child’s school fees is Rs. 50,000, then 50,000 feescoins will be reflected into your feesback account on payment of the same to the desired school. Similarly, if you wish to pay your child’s school fees in instalments and you pay Rs.15,000 as your first instalment, then 15,000 feescoins will be reflected on your Feesback account.

Monetary value of 1 Feescoin = 1 INR, which can be accessed only for redeeming the packages offered by Feesback, on your Feesback portal.

In order to redeem the packages offered by Feesback, simply visit www.feesback.org. Log in into your account with your User Id and Password. Click on “Free Packages”. Now you can redeem the packages that you desire. Suppose you want to redeem the grocery package, click on “Grocery Subscription”. You can read the Terms and Conditions, after which you can click on “Redeem Now” and your Grocery for the month has been redeemed.

Free packages offered to parents are:

  • Free Vacation for Family
  • Free Gym Membership
  • Free Grocery Subscription
  • Free Vegetable Subscription
  • Free Daycare for your child
  • Free Tuition Class
  • Free Online Yoga Class
  • Free Online Stock Market Class
  • Free Dance Class for your child
  • Free Dance Class for adults
  • Free Guitar Class for you
  • Free Doctor Consultancy for your child
  • Free Salon for you and your Family 

For more information visit https://www.feesback.org/coinsandgifts

No. Parents do not have to pay to redeem these packages. They simply have to make use of their Feescoins to redeem their desired packages.

Validity of Feescoins is 1 year, from the date of payment of your child's school fees.

Yes. A coupon can be cancelled once its redeemed, provided its cancelled 15 days prior to the start of the redeemed class.

For example, if you have redeemed a dance class which starts on the 15th of September, you should cancel the redeemed coupon before or on the 1st of September.

Validity of a redeemed coupon is 3 months, post which the coupon will expire if not used.

A transferred student can avail Feesback, provided the school/preschool is associated with Feesback.

As parents seek for admission with schools/preschools listed with Feesback, it is evident that you will see a spike in your admissions by 40% compared to previous year. Additionally, getting listed on Feesback will give your school/ preschool the visibility and prominence in your area.

Moreover, you can attain a high enquiry conversion rate with as much as one conversion for every three inquires.

Also, with the platforms inbuilt features, you can easily access the complete fee payment history with just one click - including the total fees, payment details, and outstanding fees. You can also create & store all receipts at one place, track the status of all admissions, sorted by class and batch, send payment reminders to parents and get access to a 24*7 helpdesk.